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The lymphological science behind exercise

(NaturalNews) Many people have proven to themselves that exercise is good for maintaining health. Although this fact has also been proven clinically and statistically, the most important mechanisms have not been properly acknowledged between scientists and the lay public. However, the truth is that proper exercise (no matter what condition a person is in) does contribute to both the nurture and the programming necessary for optimal health and healing.

How many times must we be told that even a little exercise is better than none- How much money is being spent on research that results merely in telling us this simple fact that we should already be familiar with-

There are three main principles pertinent to the science of exercise:

The first one is popular among athletes: “Use it or lose it,” right- Yet, that sounds like another mantra that became popular in the 80s with body builders, “No pain, no gain,” which is an entirely different claim. What if our bodies are more like computers in this regard than we realize, and all we truly have to do is enough to create a stimulus-

The second most sensible principle to exercise pertains to how exercise improves our circulation. Yet, not many realize that it must also speed up the lymphatic channels of elimination to deal with the third principle on the list: how exercise speeds up metabolism.

The lymphatics constitute an amazing filtration system in our bodies designed to eliminate the garbage from around our cells, and this should be considered the most important subject in both sports and clinical healthcare. Yet, such matters continue to be mostly neglected.

Speeding up metabolism is the main reason most people exercise. However, not many recognize the invaluable role of the lymphatic system with its unique ability to vacuum the metabolic waste from in between the tissue spaces. That would seem typical of a society with a healthcare system dominated by pharmaceutical interests.

Isn’t it abundantly clear that when we don’t use our body the way it was intended to be used, we lose- Wouldn’t it seem obvious that for some ignored reason the body benefits just by the subsequent contraction, relaxation, and stretching of our tissues- Each of these processes happens to activate the lymphatic vessels that parallel our blood capillaries throughout the entire body.

We may continue to be amazed every time exercise is proven beneficial to every cell in our body by blindfolded scientists who try to prove everything through crude trial and error. Or we may want to study the blood, lymph, and stimulus relationship in regard to exercise; therefore, empowering ourselves beyond the “aha” or “duh” revelations of current modern medical research sources.

Sources for this article include:
Your Body’s Amazing Filtration System by Prof. Karl West

About the author:
Prof. Karl West now runs the International Academy of Lymphology founded by his father Dr. C. Samuel West DN, ND, Chemist & Lymphologist . To learn more about Speed-Healing & Applied Lymphology please visit the IAL website at and please subscribe to 7 FREE Introductory Lessons.

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