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What Are The Worst Diets?

Worst DietsWe constantly see different diets being promoted. All of them promise to provide you with a solution when it comes to losing weight. Most of these even promise that you will stay slim always. Some claim that you will see results immediately and that they are very effective when it comes to helping people lose tons of fat.

They may be helpful in some ways, but its long term effect is almost always not beneficial. Most of these diets only offer a quick fix instead of focusing on what your body needs and what are healthy and beneficial for it. This is why after taking it for quite some time; its users realize that they were not able to maintain their desired weight.

One of the worst diets on the list is the Acid Alkaline Diet. This diet centers on the idea that a person will lose weight if the person will avoid any kind of food that is acidic. This is considered to be one of the worst because there is no scientific evidence to back its claims. Also, to shed some light on this particular matter, several studies have concluded that the human body is capable of regulating the balance between its alkalinity and acidity. Therefore, regardless of what you eat or drink, your body will proceed with the regulation anyway.

Breatharian Diet is also included on the list. It is based on the idea that people can survive only with air and sunshine. It offers the idea that you do not have to drink or to eat in order to survive. This is what they call “hunger strike”. Of course, you can expect from your body to lose weight because you are not ingesting anything but its effects can be very detrimental to your health. It can even cause death in worse cases.

Worst Diets1The lemon detox diet is included too. Several dieticians have labeled this kind of diet as worse for 2 consecutive years. This diet suggests that you should not eat anything for a duration of 10 to 14 days. The only thing that you can take is lemon flavored drinks. Getting yourself into this will cause nutritional deficiencies and low level of energy. You will end up not being able to do your regular task because you do not have energy left to do so because you did not eat anything.

It is up to you if you wish to follow these kinds of diets. But, to give you a fair warning, you may lose weight instantly, but you can also expect to gain more once you stop and go back to your regular eating habits.